Market Engagement

EA Procurement recognise the importance of market engagement and the added value that it brings. 

Moving forward, EA plan to actively engage with suppliers both formally and informally with a view to achieving greater value for money and exploring innovative solutions.

EA Procurement will proactively seek to engage at the earliest possible stage in the procurement process, in order to:

  • Research and assess what the market has to offer;
  • Engage in open communication to define the upcoming requirements;
  • Define the optimum duration of contracts;
  • Encourage innovative solutions;
  • Openly and transparently explore possible solutions in partnership with the supply base.

EA Procurement have developed a strong partnership with InterTrade Ireland.  This link will assist EA to enhance our presence within the supply base and joint engagement events are currently in the planning stages.

All upcoming EA Market Engagement Events will be advertised within this section of our website.

Within our Procurement Pipeline, the marketplace can view planned procurement activity within EA over the coming years.  The Contracts Awarded section of the website provides details of recent successful suppliers, therefore promoting potential subcontracting opportunities within the market.                 

Pre-Market Engagement Events

Last updated: 23/06/2022