School Documents

This section contains official documents issued to schools, with the most recent shown first.

Title Publication Date
2019-01-09A Primary INSET Flyer
2018-12-18A EA Manual Handling Flyer Dec 2018
2018-11-26A School Holidays 2019/2020 – Non-Operational Dates
2018-11-26A School Holidays Explained
2018-11-26A School Holiday Planner 2019-20
2018-11-07A LSC Primary Armagh
2018-11-071A LCS Post- Primary Armagh
2018-11-07B LSC Primary Fortwilliam
2018-11-071B LSC Post-Primary Fortwilliam
2018-11-07O LSC Primary Omagh
2018-11-071O LSC Post-Primary Omagh
2018-11-20A Early Years Tool Kit for ASD
CYPS Training Programme booklet : 2018-2019
Letter to Schools Celebrating Full attendance Nov 2018
Road Safety Letter to Principals 2018
‘Recognise and Remove’ – Concussion Awareness Campaign
2018 -10-22 Digital Admissions Update
2018-10-05-A SEN Code of Practice Sept 2018
2018-09-18-A Understanding Self-Harm Workshops
2018-09-171A New SENCo Training for Primary Schools 2018
2018-09-17A New SENCo Training for Post Primary Schools 2018
2018-09-13-A First Aid at Work Certificate Training Courses 2018-2019
2018-09-11-A Post-Primary ASD INSET Training
2018-09-13-A Supporting Successful Implementation of the Addressing Bullying in Schools Act Northern Ireland 2016 in Schools
2018-09-11-A Manual Handling Training For Non Teaching Staff
Last upated: 10/01/2019