School Documents

This section contains official documents issued to schools, with the most recent shown first.

Publication Date
2020-06-25A AmmA Support for Schools 2020-2021
AmmA Support for Schools 2020-2021.pdf
Teachers’ Negotiating Committee – Letter of Agreement – Exceptional Circumstances Covid-19
TNC Letter of Agreement 23.6.20 - Exceptional Circumstances - Covid-19.pdf
Online Safety Advice
Online Safety Advice.pdf
Teachers’ Negotiating Committee 2020/1 Transition Arrangements – Directed Time Budgets
Advice on Developing Directed Time Budgets 050620.pdf
Primary Behaviour Support & Provisions Newsletter: High Five
2020-03-02A Work Experience @ AmmA 2020
Work Experience @ AmmA 2020.pdf
2020-01-20A First Aid at Work Certificate Training
Letter to Schools re First Aid at Work.pdf
Classroom Assistant Qualification Table
JNC No 34 Classroom Assts Revision 15 30 August 2019.pdf
A Pupil Pathway Shared Education
2019-08-09O2 LSC Post-Primary NW
2019-08-09O2 LSC Post-Primary NW.docx
2019-08-09B1 LSC Primary NW
2019-08-09B1 LSC Primary NW.docx
2019-08-09O CAs NW
2019-08-09O CAs NW.docx
2019-08-09B2 LSC Post-Primary Belfast
2019-08-09B2 LSC Post-Primary Belfast.docx
2019-08-09B1 LSC Primary Belfast
2019-08-09B1 LSC Primary Belfast.docx
2019-08-09B CAs Belfast
2019-08-09B CAs Belfast.docx
2019-08-09A1 LSC Post-Primary Armagh
2019-08-09A2 LSC Post-Primary Armagh.docx
2019-08-09A1 LSC Primary Armagh
2019-08-09A1 LSC Primary Armagh.docx
2019-08-09A CAs Armagh
2019-08-09A CAs Armagh.docx
2019/08/20A Edenvilla Astro Turf Invitation to EA Schools
Edenvilla Astro Turf Invitation to EA Schools Flyer 19-20.doc
Confirmation of May Day 2020 Bank Holiday.pdf
2018-11-26A School Holidays 2019/2020 – Non-Operational Dates
School Holidays 2019 20 Non-Operational Dates.pdf
2019/08/12|A First Aid at Work Certificate Training Courses 2019-2020
Letter to Schools re First Aid at Work 2019-20.pdf
2019-06-05A EA manual handling Flyer June 2019
2019-06-05A EA manual handling Flyer June 2019.pdf
AmmA Creative Workshops - Summer 2019
AmmA Creative Workshops - Summer 2019.pdf
Breakdown of pupils unplaced for Post Primary School by Parliamentary Constituency and Local Government Council
Unplaced pupils summary for web updated 3 June 2019.pdf
Last updated: 10/11/2020