Model Publication Scheme & NI Schools Definition

Model Publication Scheme & NI Schools Definition ICO guidance and resources.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) requires all public authorities (including schools) to adopt and maintain a publication scheme. 
Currently there is only one approved model scheme which must be adopted by all authorities in the UK. The model scheme can be adopted by placing a link to it on your website or otherwise making it available.

The ICO have directed that model scheme should not be altered in any way and, to show the actual information a particular public authority makes available, each public authority should produce an accompanying Guide to Information, which specifies the information they publish, how it will be published and what charge, if any, is to be made.

To assist NI schools with this requirement, the ICO have published a specific definition document for NI Schools which provides guidance to NI Schools as to how to meet their publication scheme obligations. 

Finally, the ICO have also published guidance to public authorities on how to fulfil their obligations to make certain information routinely available, which guidance explains how to make use of the definition documents and produce a guide to published information. 

Please be aware, the ICO will consider a school to be in breach of the FOIA if it has not adopted the model scheme or is not publishing in accordance with it.

Last updated: 08/02/2024