Emergency Management Guidance

Adverse/Severe Weather

Important Information and Contact Details for Schools

During periods of severe weather, it is important that schools take steps to minimise the potential impact on school buildings and facilities.



  • Check there is sufficient fuel to keep the heating system running throughout the closure period.
  • Listen to weather forecast.
  • Visit buildings frequently.
  • Do not switch the boiler controls to “Off” use the holiday setting.
  • If there are prolonged sub-zero temperatures run heating systems in all buildings as for normal occupancy, for a minimum of 4 hours per day.
  • Do not switch the electricity off at the mains and distribution boards.
  • Keep all windows and doors closed.
  • Open trap doors to roof spaces to enhance warm air circulation.
  • Turn off water supply to temporary classrooms.
  • Contact the Emergency Helpline if required.
  • Keep a copy of this document at your premises and also at your home.
  • Identify the locations and know how to operate the following:
    • Mains water and heating valves          
    • Water storage tank
    • Fuel tank and fuel contents gauge      
    • Mains electrical and sub-mains switch boards
    • Boiler and heating control panels        
    • Frost protection Systems          


  • Stop or reduce the flow of water.
  • If electrical lighting or other equipment becomes wet – turn off supply at distribution board.
  • Consider temporary repairs.
  • Contact the Emergency Helpline if required


  • Visit premises after storms. If safe, inspect and report any structural damage to the Emergency Helpline if required.

EA Emergency Contact Details

EA emergency contact details for relevant staff in each of the Authority's main offices can be viewed in the document below.

Thank you for your assistance and should you require additional information on preventative measures  or clarification, please contact the relevant Maintenance Helpdesk (Office Hours). Numbers detailed in the document of contacts below.

Last upated: 29/10/2018