Traveller Education Contacts

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Dr Kieran Shields

Kieran ShieldsAdviser
EA Mobile Number: 078 7613 6509

  • Joined SELB 2003 – 13 years as Adviser
  • 14 years urban and rural regeneration prior to joining SELB
  • Part-time Lecturer Queen’s University in Rural Development
  • Managed Peace funding, Extended Schools and Neighbourhood Renewal Programmes
  • Previously Section 75 Equality Manager for Southern Region
  • Lead contact for partnership working with our statutory, voluntary and community sector partners

Genevieve McSorley

Genevieve McSorleyAssistant Advisory Officer (AAO)
EA Mobile: 077 9568 7156 

  • Primary Teacher KS1&2  (12 years)
  • Peripatetic Teacher EAL (2 years)
  • BELB CASS – AAO Literacy and Ethnic Minority Achievement (2 years)
  • Inclusion and Diversity Regional Service –Primary AAO (6 years)
  • Joined TESS September 2013 – responsibility for the East of Lough Neagh (Zone B)
  • Special interest in ‘Intercultural Education’

Karen Turner

Karen TurnerEducation Coordinator (TESS)
EA Mobile: 077 6541 1285

  • Primary School Teacher
  • Working mainly within Zone B, Eastern part of NI, based in Tullygally and working with schools and Traveller families in Counties Down and Armagh
  • 10 years’ experience in the field of Traveller education
  • Special interest in Early Years education and regular school attendance as critical success factors for Traveller children

Carmel McReynolds

Carmel McReynoldsEducation Coordinator (TESS)
EA Mobile: 077 9568 5425

  • Primary School teacher
  • Former Peripatetic Teacher for Traveller Education in WELB
  • Working mainly in Zone A west of Lough Neagh with a base in North West Teachers Centre
  • Provision of Pre-school, Primary and Post Primary advice to schools, parents, education services and outside agencies
  • Special interests include attendance, child development issues, home school communication and assisting Traveller children with additional educational needs 

Paula Smyth-Hutchinson

Paula Smyth HutchinsonEducation Coordinator (TESS)

EA Mobile: 078 2514 1576

  • Professional Youth Worker 9 years
  • Joined TESS in 2013
  • Based in Tullygally Regional Centre, Craigavon mainly covering the areas South West of Lough Neagh providing support, advice and assistance to Traveller families and schools to improve attendance, raise attainment levels and encourage parental involvement.
  • Special interest in promoting uptake of Youth Development opportunities.

Michaela Cullen

Education Coordinator (TESS)
EA Mobile: 079 9057 6003

  • Primary School Teacher
  • Former Pupil Learning Mentor at EA Pupil Personal Development Services
  • Work mainly to South and West of Lough Neagh (Omagh and Enniskillen)
  • Special interests in Children’s Rights, Children and Young People’s Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development and Special Educational Needs

Val Loughery

Val LougheryEducation Coordinator (TESS)
EA Mobile Number: 079 2018 1185

  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Mainly covering the Eastern zone.
  • Have a particular interest in post-primary youth education, pathways to employment and transitions from primary to post-primary.
  • Special interests include helping young people make positive choices whilst at school and broadening their life skills with in school and out of school learning opportunities.
Last upated: 25/10/2018