Locality Leadership Networks

Locality Leadership Networks are opportunities for senior leaders in schools to build relationships with EA officers supporting and advising on regional services.  

The purpose of Locality Leadership Networks are to:

  • Ensure that school facing support services continuously improve through directly and regularly connecting with the schools and communities;
  • Ensure that local connections with school leaders is clear and they are aware of how to contact senior leaders in EA;
  • Provide a formal, structured Forum which brings school leaders together to work strategically with EA to identify, analyse and allay concerns and fears and to more meaningfully inform strategic developments;
  • Ensure that the matrix of regional and functional leadership and management of services is adequately translated into meaningful local delivery to support schools, local workforces and communities;
  • Deliver proactive, supportive, early intervention in all aspects of EA service – in education, operational, financial and workforce; and
  • Present consistent joined-up senior leadership communication at a local community level.

What Locality am I in?

Locality Leadership Map


Locality Leadership Networks operate across three areas, called Localities. Each Locality is made up of a number of Council areas.

The Locality Quick Guides are available on the C2k Exchange.

Last updated: 11/01/2023