Non-operational Dates 2024/25

Non-operational dates for Home to School Transport, Catering and EA Non-Hazardous Waste Contract 2024/2025.

These dates are based on an assumption of a ‘normal’ school year. If government advice impacts these dates, schools will be notified as promptly as possible. 

On these dates school meals, Home to School transport (including transport for statemented pupils), EA Non-Hazardous Waste Contract Services supplied by RiverRidge and Washroom Waste Services supplied by PHS will not operate.

Translink bus/train passes will not be valid on these dates also.

If schools on RiverRidge Waste Contract Services require a collection during these closure periods a request should be made to [email protected]

Non-operational dates for home to school transport, catering and waste collection services 2024/25.

Non-Operational Dates (Inclusive)

Number of Days

All of August 2024


31 October 2024 & 1 November 2024


23 December 2024 – 2 January 2025


13 & 14 February 2025


17 March 2025


17 April - 25 April 2025


5 May 2025


26 May 2025


All of July 2025




  • Individual schools have discretion for determining exact holidays within the guidelines however if a school chooses to open on a non-operational date, they must make parents aware that these services will not be available.
  • For 2024/2025 the total school holiday entitlement is 68 days. This leaves 3 days for optional closure at the discretion of the school and these should be marked as such on your calendar return.
  • School calendar returns and queries should be directed to [email protected]. Schools should also liaise with their local EA Transport Office to confirm the arrangements that will apply in their case.
Last updated: 14/02/2024