Signs of Safety Model for Case Conference

'Signs of Safety' approach to child protection casework is a strengths-based, safety-organised approach to child protection, grounded in partnership and collaboration.

Signs of Safety Videos

The Signs of Safety model was developed in Australia and is now used in parts of the USA, the UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan and Ireland.

From January 2020 all 5 Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland are adopting the Signs of Safety model in all Initial Child Protection Case Conferences and Review Conferences thereafter.

The videos below are designed to help you understand the model, how it is used in child protection case conferences, and what you need to know for participation at your next child protection case conference.

We wish to acknowledge the collaborative work between the EATV Team, the EA Child Protection Support Service (CPSS), and the Health and Social Care Board – Signs of Safety Implementation Team – in the production of this series.


This session provides an overview of the Signs of Safety practice model and explains core concepts of the model.

Key Tools

This session presents the key tools used within the Signs of Safety approach to child protection. It also explains the work undertaken between the social worker and the family prior to a Child Protection Case Conference.

Mapping Tool

This session introduces the Signs of Safety Mapping Tool and explains how this is used with families in a Child Protection Case Conference and in Network Meetings

Safety Planning

This session focuses on the Safety Planning aspect of the Signs of Safety Model – and explains how this fits with the NI child protection procedures.

Participation at Case Conference Meetings

This final session takes a look at the participation of professionals within the Signs of Safety Model and the changes you can expect to see to the Child Protection Case Conference format. This will help prepare you for participation at Child Protection Case Conference meetings.

Last updated: 24/02/2020