Grant Maintained Integrated Schools

Grant-Maintained Integrated (GMI) schools seek to add value to the education process by inviting Protestants and Catholics to come together with other traditions in order to improve their understanding of one another, their own cultures, religions and values.

GMI schools are managed by Boards of Governors, which consist of persons appointed in line with each school’s scheme of management (usually trustees or foundation governors) along with representatives of parents, teachers and, members appointed by the Department.

The Board of Governors of a GMI school is the employing authority, and, as such, is responsible for the employment of all staff (both teaching and non-teaching) in its school.

The transfer of the funding authority responsibility for all Grant Maintained Integrated schools transferred from the Department of Education to the Education Authority from 1 April 2017. The transfer will involve the following administrative arrangements of the GMI Schools Funding Authority function;

  • Funding authority for GMI schools;
  • Financial monitoring for GMI schools;
  • GMI schools VAT claims processing; and
  • Management of GMI schools redundancy programmes.

The transfer will not involve any potential policy changes. The responsibility for the Common Funding Scheme will remain with the Department.

GMI Budget Statements

GMI Outturn Statements

Last updated: 28/09/2022