Local Management of Schools

Schools have been allocated a budget allocation calculated using the Common Funding formula. This budget allocation is delegated to Board of Governors and Principals to enable them to manage schools effectively by using the resources to meet the needs and priorities they have identified.

Staff in the LMS offices provide advice and guidance to Principals and Board of Governors in planning and monitoring budget spend and in the determination of three year budget plans. LMS staff also provide financial training to Principals and Governors on all matters relating to school budgets.

Outturn Statements

Budget Statements

Please contact the relevant LMS local office with any queries :

Name Email
Armagh Office LMS.Armagh@eani.org.uk
Ballymena Office LMS.Ballymena@eani.org.uk
Belfast Office LMS.Belfast@eani.org.uk
Dundonald Office LMS.Dundonald@eani.org.uk
Omagh Office LMS.Omagh@eani.org.uk
Last updated: 27/09/2023