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Access the Training and Support Programme for Members of Boards of Governors 2018-19

Managing Attendance(MA3) course to be held in EA, Dundonald Office, on Wednesday 9 January 2019 at 6.00 pm is cancelled due to insufficient numbers of governors registering to attend


Please click on the download below to access the Training and Support Programme for Members of Boards of Governors 2018-19.

Child Protection Strand 1 Training Awareness for School Governors

In consultation with the EA Child Protection Support Service it has been agreed that schools may wish to provide the Strand 1 Child Protection Governors Training/Awareness for School Governors.  This awareness session may be led by the principal or the designated teacher for child protection.  A six slide presentation with accompanying notes has been designed for this purpose.  This presentation will also be used during the Induction Training Course for new governors.  Please find the attached PowerPoint presentation and the accompanying notes.

A video presentation is also available which outlines the safeguarding role of governors and can be accessed by following the link below.

Supporting Successful Implementation of the Addressing Bullying in Schools Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 in Schools

It is intended that the Addressing Bullying in Schools Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 will be brought into effect for the 2019-20 academic year.  The Act provides a new legal definition of bullying which all schools must understand and observe.  It also introduces changes in how all schools and Boards of Governors respond to bullying incidents or complaints and in how they set and monitor the effectiveness of the school’s anti-bullying policies and practices.

In preparation for this, the Department of Education has developed supporting guidance for schools and created a new C2k-based incident recording mechanism which will be accessible to all grant maintained schools.  DE has also commissioned the delivery of two training courses covering use of the guidance and use of the recording mechanism respectively.  The first phase has begun in the Armagh area and further phases will continue to roll out until May 2019.

It is anticipated that all Governors will receive training through a short session which will be accessible for use in a Governors meeting.  The session will be supported by documents and an online presentation.  This is due to be launched before Easter.


The Education Authority has been working to ensure that staff, schools and governors understand and are taking steps to ensure they are meeting the new requirements of new the Data Protection Law. 

You may also wish to access, 'Get Ready for GDPR’ webinar. 

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