Membership of the Board of Governors

The membership of the Boards of Governors differs according to the sector and whether the school is Primary, Post-Primary, Nursery, Special or Grammar.  

The membership contains representatives of some of the following:

  • Department of Education representatives (appointed by the Department of Education to a range of schools);
  • Education Authority representatives (appointed by the Education Authority);
  • Transferor representatives (Controlled schools only - nominated by the main Protestant Churches and appointed by the Education Authority);
  • Trustee representatives (Maintained schools only - nominated by the Trustees);
  • Controlled Integrated Schools will have both transferor and trustee representatives
  • Parent Governors (elected by parents);
  • Teacher representatives (elected by the teachers in the school). 

The size of the Board of Governors can range from 8 to 36 members.  The exact membership composition for each type of school is laid down in legislation and in the Scheme of Management for the school.  A summary membership table is provided in the link below:

Last updated: 20/01/2022