School Improvement

The Department of Education is committed to ensuring that every school is a good school and has identified raising standards and tackling underachievement as key priorities in enabling every young person to fulfil their potential at each stage of their development.

The Department’s vision for school improvement also reflects its wider vision which is: 

‘To ensure that every learner fulfils his or her full potential at each stage of his or her development’.

The Every School a Good School (ESaGS) policy for school improvement aims to support schools and teachers in their work to raise and maintain standards by promoting the importance of high standards across the school system and helping to address better the various barriers to learning faced by young people.

The policy document recognises the importance of strong and effective governance and leadership with schools in helping to maintain and improve standards:

“Our vision is of schools as vibrant, self-improving, well organised and effectively led communities of good practice focusing …... on meeting the needs and aspirations of all pupils through high quality learning ……”

Last updated: 26/08/2021