Educational Standards

The strategic role of the Board of Governors is to fulfil its functions in relation to raising and maintaining high standards of educational attainment within their schools.

In terms of the specific role for the Board of Governors in relation to school improvement, it has a responsibility for ensuring that the principal and the staff put in place all the necessary arrangements and mechanisms to help pupils succeed and to achieve their full potential. The Board of Governors are accountable for the standards achieved by its own pupils and therefore should:

  • acquire an in-depth knowledge of the school, its principal and senior management team, its staff and standards achieved by the pupils;
  • become part of a strong and effective leadership team of the school;
  • promote strong links with parents, families and the community;
  • ensure the school provides effective teaching and learning in the context of the revised curriculum;
  • monitor the school’s performance and address under performance at the earliest opportunity;
  • promote the effective use of data to support target setting (at pupil, class and whole-school level) and assessment for learning;
  • promote regular and robust self-evaluation;
  • approve the school development plan.

 The Board of Governors should work with the principal in monitoring and evaluating the school’s performance and to promote self-evaluation as a means to achieve school improvement.

Last updated: 03/02/2020