School Policy Documents & Resources

Together with the Scheme of Management and the School Development Plan, school policies are one of the key tools by which the Board of Governors carries out its responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the school.

Within Northern Ireland the Department of Education (DE) is the body responsible for promoting education and devising and ensuring the effective implementation of education policy.  For example the key overarching policy that sets the agenda for standards in schools and drives all other educational policies is the DE’s policy for improvement, “Every School a Good School”.

It is important that the Board of Governors formally approve and ensure that education policy is implemented within their schools.

The DE and other Education bodies, including the Education Authority (EA), will often produce “model” statutory and non-statutory policies or give clear guidelines to assist schools in drawing up policies for example Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Drugs in Schools Policy.  It is essential that schools adapt these policies to suit their own individual context. Again governors should then formally approve and ensure that these policies are implemented in their schools.

Last updated: 28/10/2019