Transport Operational Guidance

Key transport operational guidance relevant to schools.

School Transport Policy

EA is funded to deliver transport in line with the Department of Education’s Transport Policy, Circular 1996/41 (Updated 2009).

For more information on home to school transport for pupils attending mainstream schools and statemented pupils with a special transport need see our Home to School Transport section.

Operational Dates

Each Spring the Education Authority advises schools of the dates on which school transport will be operating to help them when confirming their school calendar for the coming year.   

If a school chooses to open on dates when school transport is not operating, the school is responsible for making parents aware that transport will not be available.  Please note that all school transport services, including those operated by Translink, commence operation on 1st September each year.

Schools should also consult with transport should they intend to alter their normal opening or closing time on any date in order to determine whether this can be accommodated by the transport network.

Transport for educational outings

Schools are responsible for making transport arrangements for educational or other activities that require transport. 

The Education Authority transport services can be hired for these outings.  Contact your local transport office if you wish to enquire about availability and cost of EA services for hire or consult the guidance below if making your own arrangements.

General Transport Information

Information on a range of operational arrangements. Information on the wider service and contact details are also available within our Home to School Transport section.

Useful Documents

Adverse Weather

Procedure for Dealing with Behavioural Problems on Public and EA Transport

Procedure for use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) on EA Buses

Escort Leaflet


Last updated: 14/01/2022