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Community planning

Community planning aims to improve the connection between regional, local and neighbourhood levels through partnership working and more integrated use of resources, with a focus on collaboration between organisations for the benefit of citizens.

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What is area planning?

The aim of area planning is to ensure that all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum in sustainable, fit-for-purpose schools.

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Providing Pathways Draft Strategic Area Plan for School Provision 2017-2020

The consultation in respect of the Providing Pathways Draft Strategic Area Plan for School Provision has now closed. The EA would like to thank everyone who responded to this consultation exercise.

This consultation is
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School Development Planning

The School Development Plan (SDP) is a strategic plan for improvement.

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About the Education Welfare Service

Education provides young people with the opportunity to prepare for life. The Education Welfare Service (EWS) is a specialist education support service which seeks to help young people and their families get the best out of the education system.

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Strategic Plan 2017 - 2027

The Education Authority has published its first (Interim) Strategic Plan which covers the period 2017-2027.

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The Education Authority (EA) has published the annual area profiles for primary and post-primary schools across Northern Ireland.




Here are some frequently asked questions about school meals.

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Schools of Sanctuary

The Schools of Sanctuary programme is an award scheme being piloted in the Urban Villages areas of Belfast and Derry/Londonderry with support from the Northern Ireland Executive’s Urban Villages Initiative, the Belfast City of Sanctuary Group and the Intercultural Education Service (IES).

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In April last year, Education Authority (EA) published Providing Pathways – A Strategic Area Plan for School Provision 2017-2020. The 2018-19 action plan, published today, is the second of three accompanying annual plans which identify the schemes to be brought forward over the next 12 months.


About Us

EA is responsible for ensuring that efficient and effective primary and secondary education services are available to meet the needs of children and young people, and support for the provision of efficient and effective youth services.

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Toolkits for Diversity

Toolkits for users without access to My-School via C2K

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Schools Business Partners

The Schools HR Business Partnering function, while working in partnership with other directorates, supports Schools in the identification, planning and implementation of strategic employee related change programmes, to include those associated with Area Based Planning.

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Pre-School Providers (2-4 years)

Pre-school education is not compulsory but it helps prepare your child for primary school by providing a rich variety of challenging play-based learning activities and other experiences in a stimulating environment.

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Local Area Plans & Assessment of Need (Publish Date 1 June 2018)

The local Youth Service Area Plans and Assessment of Need for the period 2018-2020.

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Organisational Structure

The Education Authority’s Senior Management structure comprises five directorates and the Chief Executive’s Office.  Each Directorate is responsible for a range of services and functions.

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Education Authority Transitions Service

Transition is a time of change when a child, with the support of their family, makes decisions as to which path to follow as they move from educational provision to adult life.

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