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Cycle to Work Scheme

Fancy beating the traffic, saving petrol money and not worrying about parking when you travel to work? Then check out the Cycle2work scheme.

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Launch of TBUC Camps Programme 2018-19

The Executive Office, in partnership with the Education Authority, are inviting applications from groups who want to deliver a Camp under the T:BUC Camps Programme 2018/19. This is subject to funding being made available by TEO.

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Home to school transport

The Education Authority (EA) is responsible for assessing eligibility for transport assistance in line with the Department of Education (DE) criteria. 

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Special Educational Needs General Information

The Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 will reform how children with Special Educational Needs are identified and supported.

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What is area planning?

The aim of area planning is to ensure that all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum in sustainable, fit-for-purpose schools.

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Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Service (DARS)

The Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Service (DARS) came into effect on the 1st of September 2005 as part of the implementation of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Order (SENDO).

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Do You Want to be a Governor?

The Boards of Governors of schools have an important role to play in the management of a school alongside the Principal.

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Apply for a Further Education Award

The Education Authority offers a limited number of Further Education Awards each year for full and part-time courses for students undertaking courses up to and including Level 3.

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Managing a Critical Incident

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Home to school transport

Consultation on the Review of Transport Eligibility Criteria

The consultation in respect of the Review of Transport Eligibility Criteria has now closed.  The EA would like to thank everyone who responded to this consultation exercise.

This consultation is
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A Resource to Support Children with Special Educational Needs

As Part of the Department of Education’s Review of Special Educational Needs and Inclusion, Capacity Building Programme, the Resource File was published in 2012 to assist teachers and the education workforce to support children with special educational needs in schools.

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What we do

We help with all aspects of your child's journey through education from admission to pre-school, getting transport to school, changing schools, to moving through primary and post-primary. We are also here to help with newcomer issues, special educational needs and provide support whenever you or your child needs it.

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Inclusion Scheme 2018-19

The Inclusion Scheme enables EA Youth Service to engage young people who would not regularly participate in Youth Programmes.  

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Education Authority Transitions Service

Transition is a time of change when a child, with the support of their family, makes decisions as to which path to follow as they move from educational provision to adult life.

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School Age Mothers

The aim of the ‘School Age Mothers' (SAM) Programme is to support young women of school age, who are pregnant or parenting, to continue in compulsory education and beyond if this is appropriate.

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School/Professional Support

We provide a direct link between Traveller parents and schools or EA services.

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The Education Authority (EA) has today launched a new ‘Cycle2Work’ Scheme for EA staff.

As part of EA’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy, EA is committed to promoting a healthy workplace and supporting colleagues in finding ways in which they can take better care of their health both inside and outside of work by providing initiatives aimed at encouraging healthy lifestyles.


Benefit Verification

What does Socially Disadvantaged mean?

Socially disadvantaged applies to a child whose parent is in receipt of any of the following benefits -

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
  • An award of Income Support which has been converted into an Employment and Support Allowance and the level of benefit remains the same
  • Universal Credit.

Legislation requires Pre-School providers to give priority to children in their final pre-school year who are from socially disadvantaged circumstances.

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