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Children and Young People’s Services Training Programme 2018-2019

Children and Young People’s Services in the Education Authority NI are delighted to offer a range of specialist training for teachers, classroom assistants, SENCos and parents.

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The EA Child Protection Support Service (CPSS)

The Child Protection Support Service (CPSS) was first established in April 2006 and is part of the Education Authority’s Children & Young People’s Services Directorate. 

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About the Education Welfare Service

Education provides young people with the opportunity to prepare for life. The Education Welfare Service (EWS) is a specialist education support service which seeks to help young people and their families get the best out of the education system.

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Education Library Service

The Education Library Service supports the DE vision ‘to enable each young person to achieve his/her potential’ and the aim of the Northern Ireland Curriculum ‘to empower young people to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives’. 

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Organisational Structure

The Education Authority’s Senior Management structure comprises five directorates and the Chief Executive’s Office.  Each Directorate is responsible for a range of services and functions.

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Music Service

The EA Music Service offers access to the world of music making, providing potentially life changing musical experiences that are relevant and engaging.

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Moving Forward

This is a free resource for all Young People, teaching professionals, youth and community workers and parents.

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The Music Service recently welcomed past student Dearbhail McDonald, Group Business Editor at Independent Newspapers, to its annual Prize Night, which was held at Craigavon Civic Centre in June 2018.


Outdoor Learning Service

EA Youth Service provides opportunities for our children and young people to engage in Outdoor Learning opportunities as part of either their school curriculum, or through youth work programmes. 

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School Development Service

The School Development Service (SDS) delivers high quality strategic support and challenge to school principals, Boards of Governors and school staff in order to ensure that standards are raised and education outcomes for children and young people are improved.

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Education Authority Transitions Service

Transition is a time of change when a child, with the support of their family, makes decisions as to which path to follow as they move from educational provision to adult life.

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Inclusion Scheme 2018-19

The Inclusion Scheme enables EA Youth Service to engage young people who would not regularly participate in Youth Programmes.  

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Information for parents, guardians, carers, children and young people.

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Alcohol and Drug Services for Young People

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Music Service

Bann House
Bridge Street
BT63 5AE
United Kingdom

Music Centre

L-O: Safeguarding and Child Protection

Learning difficulties to Neglect

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A-C: Safeguarding and Child Protection

Resources on issues ranging from case conferences to children affected by the imprisonment of a family member.

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Autism Advice

The Education Authority (EA) has a dedicated Autism Advisory and Intervention Service (AAIS)

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