Induction/EPD Registration

Registration for the Induction and Early Professional Development Programme for all Early Careers Teachers.


It is compulsory for all Early Career Teachers to participate in the Northern Ireland Induction and Early Professional Development Programme, regardless of where they have completed their Initial Teacher Training.

Early Career Teachers must also register online with the Education Authority for Northern Ireland at the start of each year of the Induction and EPD Programmes regardless of whether in permanent or temporary employment, teaching on a day-to-day basis or not currently in post.

Please remember to re-register at the start of each stage.

    What to do if your employment circumstances change during the year?  

    It is important that you contact EA via email to update your employment status in either of the following two circumstances.    

    1. If you have initially registered as ‘not in post’ with the Education Authority and then get a post in a school.    
    2. If you register initially as ‘in post’ and then change school. 
    Teacher Details
    (6 digit number)
    Teaching Qualification
    Employment Details
    If your employment circumstances change significantly during the year you will need to update your information by emailing changes to
    Please complete this section if you are currently in a teaching post.
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