Teacher Tutor Registration

All Teacher Tutors should register online with the Education Authority for Northern Ireland each academic year.

Teacher Tutor Details

Data Protection Statement

The information provided by you to the Education Authority (EA) is required by us to record contact information and other details pertaining to the co-ordination and planning of the Early Career Teacher/Teacher Tutor Professional Learning Programme. EA is obliged to comply with the UKGDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 when processing your personal information.

We will process your personal information on the legal basis that it is part of our public task to do so.  Your personal information will be shared with the various parties involved in the delivery of the Early Career Teacher/Teacher Tutor Professional Learning Programme.  It will not be shared or processed for any other purpose without your express consent.

We have published detailed Privacy Notices on our website www.eani.org.uk/privacy which provide further information on how EA processes your personal information as well as detail on how to contact us if you have any questions.