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A Guide to Managing Critical Incidents

The ‘Guide to Managing Critical Incidents in Schools’ was commissioned by the Department of Education as part of the ‘iMatter’ Programme which addresses how the entire school community should be engaged in promoting resilient emotional health for all pupils, what support systems are available for vulnerable pupils, and what support is available to schools in the event of a crisis.       

The ‘Guide’ is based on the cumulative experience of school staff and personnel from external statutory and voluntary agencies. The aim of the Guide is to ensure a regional approach to dealing with critical incidents and is designed to help schools be prepared for a critical incident and to ensure effective management before, during and after the event.      

The Guide is available for download from the DE website at www.education-ni.gov.uk  in both the English and Irish language, and appendices, including some with ‘fill-in’ function, can be downloaded separately.


C2k Primary eLearning Conference

C2k hosted their annual Primary eLearning Conference in St. Mary's University College, Belfast.  This short EATV programme highlights the innovative nature and content of the event.

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Stripping it back – building resilience in school leaders

Controlled school leaders from across Northern Ireland have come together as part of an event focusing on building resilience.

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Healthy Places, Healthy Children Key Stage 2 Teaching Resource Videos

The Healthy Places, Healthy Children resource has been designed by Belfast Healthy Cities, the World Health Organization initiative in Northern Ireland, for Key Stage 2 children.

Further information and support for teachers, after schools clubs and other groups can be found on the Belfast Healthy Cities website: www.belfasthealthycities.com/hphc


Chief Inspector's Report 2016-2018 'Learning Lessons'

The first of three videos of the presentation by the Chief Inspector of the Education and Training Inspectorate of her report covering the period September 2016 to June 2018.    

Taking the theme of Learning Lessons the Chief Inspector affirms how we can learn lessons which promote improvement from the findings of good practice identified through inspection and from each other as stakeholders in education and training for children and young people.


Chief Inspector's Report 2016 - 2018 'Inspiring People'

The second of three videos of the presentation by the Chief Inspector of the Education and Training Inspectorate of her report covering the period September 2016 to June 2018.   

Taking Inspiring People as her theme, the Chief Inspector reports that everyone working in education and training in Northern Ireland as a whole, can be proud of the very many inspiring professionals who work in education and training, including associate assessors who work with ETI and everyone in the support organisations, whose commitment to the young people is outstanding.


Chief Inspector's Report 2016-2018 'Putting Learners First'

The third of three videos of the presentation by the Chief Inspector of the Education and Training Inspectorate of her report covering the period September 2016 to June 2018. 

Speaking on the theme of Putting Learners First the Chief Inspector applauds those inspiring teachers, trainers and leaders in all walks of education and training, including inspectors themselves, whose focus is truly about putting the learner first.


School Portal Training Workshop - Recorded November 2018

A recording of Mairead Maguire (Project Lead Digital Admissions) speaking to staff from Primary Schools, Nurseries and Playgroups about the 'School Portal' for providers of Pre-school and Primary One education.


Celebration of 13 new Schools of Sanctuary in Northern Ireland at Belfast City Hall

As part of Good Relations Week on 20 September 2018, 13 further schools from across Belfast and Derry/Londonderry have been recognised for achieving the ‘School of Sanctuary’ award.


Getting Ready to Learn - Our Story So Far

The Getting Ready to Learn (GRtL) project within Workstream 1 seeks to support preschool education settings with DE-funded places to encourage and develop parental involvement in children's early learning to ensure maximum parental contribution at a crucial time in children's early brain development.


Do You Want to be a Governor?

The Boards of Governors of schools have an important role to play in the management of a school alongside the Principal. A key function of the school governor role is to make sure that the school provides its pupils with a good education and meets all their educational needs.

This short programme highlights the role of a School Governor and how Governors add value to the work of the school in raising standards.


Miss School, Miss Out

Miss School, Miss Out


Schools of Sanctuary

In June 2017, Blythefield Primary School was the first primary school to receive a School of Sanctuary award.


Beginning Teachers - Induction Phase

Congratulations on qualifying as a teacher! You are now in the second stage of your Career Long Professional Development (CLPD) having successfully completed your Initial Teacher Training. The Induction year normally takes one school year to complete.  During this stage, you are required to engage in competence based professional development and present evidence of this in a portfolio. 

The purpose of this EA TV programme is to provide you with further guidance on what is involved in order to complete the Induction process.