Moving Forward

This is a free resource for all Young People, teaching professionals, youth and community workers and parents.

It is designed to ensure that Young People and other professionals working in early education and youth work have instant access to high quality information Transition matters effecting 11-18 year olds. This is the first app available to support Young People with change through School Transition as created by Young People from Craigavon NRA locality.

This free resource helps you;

  • Understand Transition and the supports available. 
  • Make links with knowledge obtained from professionals in Education, Counselling and Careers Support 
  • Access further reading and pertinent video links in relation to Skills, Subject Choice, Supports and Blogs.
  • Utilise and reflect on current Blog case studies which are based on realistic experiences of Young People attending School in the locality
  • Critically reflect on observational skills and knowledge aligned to practice with children and young people in the identified age group.
  • Inform decision making skills and a possible forum for discussion

The need for this innovative tool was identified by the Education Welfare Service and this app was funded by the Department for Communities (DFC). The Education Welfare Service ‘Transition Programme’ will help young people in transition to post-primary Schools. The Programme will help allay fears and concerns the young people have through the sharing of experiences and learning of peers and Educational professionals. The work has encouraged shared learning across the education sector involving over 200 young people and 15 schools.

The app presents a cost effective method of delivering important information and guidance literally at your fingertips and for this reason has been warmly welcomed by Young People and Educational professionals across all sectors involved in service provision for children and young people in the 11 -18 years age grouping.

The app is available to download free on PC/iPad/phones -

Last updated: 08/07/2020