School Age Mothers (SAM)

EA’s School Age Mothers Programme (SAM) provides schools, families and other interested parties with guidance and support to ensure young women who wish to continue their education at school, whilst pregnant or having had a baby can do so.

Pastoral and practical support is available throughout this journey, through a named School Age Mothers Coordinator, who is there to advise, assist and enable young women to continue on their academic journey.

Provided below are the following documents:

  • Guidance for Young Women, which provides organisational guidance and support for School age Mothers and their families, regarding help available.
  • Guidance for Schools, which provides organisation guidance and support on good practice, from learned experience.
  • Guidance for Childcare Providers, which provides guidance and support to ensure accountability, and also that Regional procedures are adhered to.
  • School Age Mothers Referral Form – referrals are mostly completed by schools, with families consent. The referral provides some basic contact information along with contact details of Coordinators. Self-referrals, or referrals from other services are welcome. Once completed, the Coordinator will make contact with the School Age Mother, to enable her to make an informed decision about future planning.
  • Named School Age Mothers Coordinators - there are five SAMs Coordinators within Northern Ireland; new referrals are allocated by management to ensure optimum support for families.
Last updated: 01/10/2020