EOTAS Placements for Pupils

EOTAS is educational provision for children with social, behavioural, emotional wellbeing issues who, without its provision, cannot sustain access to suitable education.

EOTAS allows young people who have been expelled from school, or have otherwise disengaged from their registered school, to participate in education until they:

  • Achieve a new school place;
  • Are prepared for re-entry to an existing school place; or
  • Reach compulsory school leaving age.

EOTAS is not a duplication of mainstream education. It is an educational provision to meet specific, identified pupil needs and is not a standalone alternative.

EOTAS Referral Processes

Request for an EOTAS placement can be submitted at any time in the school year however panels only occur in December and April/May. 

Referrals can only be made by the pupil’s school via the BP1 referral form which must be emailed to: PPBSP.referrals@eani.org.uk with all necessary supporting documentation.

Making an EOTAS Application

Schools are required to provide a full and comprehensive overview of the individual pupil’s presenting needs and details of interventions that have been provided to date including input from EA services and/or partner agencies. Please see information below in relation to service guidance and timescales to support your application.

December 2021 Panel Information

EOTAS is different to mainstream school and, while concerned with educational progress, must also focus on helping children and young people to address and overcome the Social, Behavioural, Emotional and Well Being difficulties (SBEW), or other barriers which are preventing them from accessing learning.

EOTAS must provide a continuum of provision to address the diversity of needs presented by these young people, particularly those with SBEW.

The two main types of EOTAS provision are:

  • Short term placements with continued school attendance where EOTAS focuses completely on addressing SBEW; and
  • Longer term placements retaining links with school but with the EOTAS setting taking responsibility for delivering curriculum as well as addressing SBEW.
Last updated: 29/03/2022