Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Post Primary Behaviour Support.

We understand that when a school feels a pupil may require additional support from an outside agency, this can cause worry for parents, carers and young people. 

We have put together a frequently asked questions with answers. If you would like to discuss any of these issues with a member of our staff please do not hesitate to contact your local office.

Why does my child need to be referred?

Your child may be referred by their school as they have been identified as needing additional support for Social, Behaviour, Emotional and Wellbeing needs. School may feel that in order to give your child appropriate support they need to access additional advice and support.

Your child may also be referred by the school as an outcome of an assessment carried out by an Educational Psychologist.

What type of support will my child receive?

The support given to your child will be through targeted advice to the school. The school will then follow this advice to make reasonable adjustments and to provide additional support for your child to help them in school.

Some young people may be recommended for individual intervention following an Educational Psychology consultation to access one to one support. This will provide support for both your child and the school in building their capacity and understanding of your child’s needs.

Will my child’s education be affected by BSS involvement?

Your child will continue to have access to the full curriculum. BSS involvement should enhance your child’s opportunities by supporting school to reduce barriers to learning and improve overall outcomes through providing support for your child.

Do I have to agree to a referral?

School must discuss and obtain written consent from parent or carer before a referral for individual pupil intervention will be processed.

Last updated: 04/10/2022