Making Referrals & School Support

Providing support, advice and training to teachers and other educational professionals working with children and young people with social, behavioural, emotional and wellbeing issues as well as information on making referrals.

Making a Referral

We provide a continuum of support which includes school based training, one off targeted advice and individual pupil intervention.  Please see below how you make a referral for support.

Staff Training

We offer training and support to improve the competencies of school staff and help them attain a required level of knowledge, skill and understanding. This is supplemented by the Annual CYPS Regional Training Programme for Schools which is available through C2k.

Behaviour Support & Provisions - Online Resources - Behaviour Support and Provisions

Training can be tailored to meet the needs of the school. Some of our recent post primary training programme has included:

  • SBEW Overview
  • Addressing Bullying In Schools Act
  • Development of a Positive Behaviour Policy
  • A Positive Approach to Risk Reduction
  • Classroom Assistant Role
  • Attachment
  • Adolescent Mental Health – Impact on Behaviour
  • Digital Addiction and the impact of social media
  • Supporting a Child in Crisis
  • New Teacher Training – Positive Behaviour Management

To request school training please complete the below BS1 Form.

Targeted Advisory Support

Our service offers advice and support to school staff providing relevant, professional recommendations to address the identified needs of young people. This service is accessible via a referrals process. The referral does not need parent consent if the young person in unnamed however if named this will be required.

Advice is provided to staff via telephone, email and meetings. Advice can be provided on:

  • Referral process
  • Referral procedure and access arrangements
  • Training calendar information
  • Code of Practice procedures
  • Specific pupil information
  • General strategies
  • Modelling
  • Behaviour strategies
  • Signposting to appropriate service

To request a referral please complete the below form.
For more information contact the service on telephone 028 9056 6941 or email

Individual Pupil Intervention

We provide direct pupil intervention which is accessed via a referral process by the school with parental consent

To make a referral you must provide:

  • Evidence of an Educational Psychology consultation as a minimum or provide evidence of targeted advice consultation with Post Primary Behaviour Support and Provisions Service.
  • Two Personal Learning Plans, with review.

Additional supporting information can also be submitted with the referral. Parental signature is required to approve referral.

Intervention may include some of the following:

  • Initial consultation – Observations and advice on individual pupils
  • Assessment of need
  • Consultation/advice to school
  • Signposting to training and/or other services
  • Recommendation of strategies
  • Modelling of strategies
  • BSA support/Behaviour Coach Support
  • Time bound period of 1:1 outreach support
  • Multidisciplinary involvement
  • Group work for e.g. on social skills/ Psycho -education /resilience and self-esteem programmes
  • Part time partnership placement

To request a referral please complete the below form. For more information contact the service on

IMPORTANT: KS3 short term partnership placement can only be accessed as part of the ongoing support for a young person referred by a BS2 referral.  Placement will be determined by allocation meetings in each locality area. For more information contact the service on 028 9056 6941.

School Support during COVID - Update

Post Primary Behaviour Support and Provisions (PPBSS) continues to provide all of its service to our schools and young people during the pandemic.

Helpline has been set up as an ‘additional’ support to Post Primary and Special schools across the region during a time when restrictions are in place due to the Covid Pandemic. The PPBSS will continue to support schools and children and young people through the normal pathways.  Subsequently if schools require information regarding individual pupil referrals, training or EOTAS you should contact your locality Assistant Advisory Officer.

Telephone Advice Line:    028 9598 5532

EOTAS remains open and ‘operational as normal’ for all EOTAS pupils.  Each EOTAS centre will consult with parents/carers to ensure access to education and support throughout this time.

Last updated: 29/03/2022