Literacy Information and Training for Schools

Professional Learning Schedule

The online Professional Learning Programme builds on the training the Service made available to schools via centre-based training in previous years. The modules focus on literacy difficulties and are designed to support school staff, both teaching and non-teaching, in meeting the needs of an individual or a group of pupils. The modules will be made available each academic year and will be continually reviewed and updated based on feedback. Modules can be booked and completed within the time frames of published availability dates. 

Schools can check availability and register using the EA online training portal

  • Training Module: Planning Teaching to support pupils with Literacy Difficulties
  • Training Module: Strategies to support pupils with Working Memory Difficulties
  • Training Module: Strategies to support pupils with Comprehension Difficulties
  • Training Module: Strategies to Support pupils with Spelling Difficulties
  • Training Module: An overview of how assistive technology can support pupils with Literacy Difficulties
  • Training Module: Overview of Texthelp Read and Write software
  • Training module: Dyslexia friendly/Inclusion Friendly primary classroom
  • Training module: Dyslexia friendly/Inclusion Friendly Post primary classroom
  • Training module: P7s - Transition from P7 to Year 8 
  • Training module: Office 365 Learning Tools 
  • Training module: Introduction to the series of CA (classroom assistant) professional development courses 
  • Training module: Dyslexia Awareness for CAs 
  • Training module: Effective Use of the CA in the Post Primary Phase 
  • Training module: Effective Use of the CA in the Primary Phase 
  • Training module: Working memory and Processing Difficulties for CAs 
  • Training module: Peer Led Paired Reading in the Post Primary School 
  • Training module: Understanding the Alphabet CA focus 

This website has been designed to support teachers and school leaders. Its aim is to promote reflective practice which is central to DE's strategy for Teacher Professional Learning, 'Learning Leaders'. Through this website, you will be able to access a menu of professional learning materials, "Just One Thing" case studies shared by fellow practitioners, resources for staff development as well as NI policy documentation which provides the context for the work in your classroom. You will also see a regularly updated list of TPL sessions available for registration.

DE Online Resources

Dyslexia Friendly Learning Environment - This is a comprehensive resource covering school-based early identification and intervention and guiding schools in whole school approaches and policy covering skills teaching, motivational strategies and by-pass strategies. Every School a Good School (ESAGS), A Strategy for Raising Achievement in Literacy and Numeracy (2009) was published by DE. From it came related policy documents, guidance, training and initiatives in supporting schools in the development of their policy and practice.

Count Read: Succeed  A Strategy to Improve Outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy (2011) followed ESAGS. It brought a renewed focus on the importance of literacy and the centrality of teachers within a strategy for raising standards.

SEN Good Practice Guidelines 

The Report of the Northern Ireland Task Group on Dyslexia (2002) includes some useful resources and guidance.

DENI SEN Resource File includes core sections on supporting the needs of pupils experiencing literacy difficulties. New sections have been added during 2020/2021, including:

Last updated: 03/12/2021