SEN Early Years Inclusion Service (SEN EYIS)

This regional service aims to promote the optimum development of pre-school children with special educational needs by providing advice and support to children, families and pre-school settings.

During the current period of lockdown the SEN Early Years Inclusion Service (SEN EYIS) will remain fully operational. We will be providing the following:

  •  Information and Training – this will be available to all service users:
    • We will continue to increase our range of resources and short online trainings for parents and early years setting professionals on the SEN EYIS web tile.
    • We will provide training for leadership and early years practitioners. This can be accessed by all early educational settings via the Children and Young Peoples Training portal.
    • Queries to the service can be made by contacting any SEN EYIS office by phone. Phone lines are operational during office hours and a voice message facility is available.
  • Workshops, advice and tailored programmes – this will be available to families and early educational settings of children referred to the service by the Early Years SEN Panel.
    • We will prioritise our children with Statements of Special Educational Needs by making direct telephone contact with their educational settings and/or parents.
    • We will extend our themed cluster menu for parents and make direct telephone contact to offer places where appropriate.
    • We will extend out themed cluster menu for pre-school settings and make direct telephone or email contact to offer places where appropriate.
    • We will continue to make direct early contact by telephone with the parents of all newly referred children. The purpose of this call will be to introduce the service, gather information and provide initial support.
    • Parents and educational settings currently working with an assigned team member will be contacted by their link or can get in touch before that using contact details provided by their link.
  • Following EA Health and Safety guidance, the service will be delivered on a remote first basis where possible. Should an on-site visit be deemed necessary all relevant EA Health and Safety risk assessment processes will be adhered to.
  • All forms of electronic/digital communication available to the service will be used to facilitate support. These may include
    • Telephone
    • Email
    • Social media
    • Website
    • Other digital platforms

Cognition and Learning

Sensory Processing

Social, Behavioural, Emotional and Wellbeing

Social Communication and ASD

Children’s Commissioner Office Resources

First Then Schedules


Making Choices


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Social Stories



Visual Resources

Bedtime Routines

Language and Communication

Early Years Transitions

Stepping Stones to Pre-school: Online Training for Parents

Rise NI

The Regional Integrated Support for Education team in Northern Ireland (RISE NI) has created a regional website specifically for parents and carers of children in mainstream nursery and primary school (up to P4).

The RISE NI information leaflets, suggested activities/resources and parent training videos aim to promote development of speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, and social and emotional development.

The Interim Early Years Special Educational Needs Panel is the single point of referral for the Early Years Inclusion Service.

If you require any additional information please contact the Early Years Inclusion Service at:

Omagh Office
Armagh Office

028 8241 1580

Antrim Office
Londonderry Office

028 9448 2298

Dundonald Office
Belfast Office

028 9078 4283
Last updated: 29/01/2021