EPD Portfolio

You are required to keep a portfolio of evidence of your ongoing professional development and reflective practice during Early Professional Development (EPD) which will include 2 Professional Development Activities mapped against appropriate GTCNI teacher competences. 


A portfolio template is provided for you in Microsoft Word format in English and Irish. 

Both templates contain everything you need to complete the EPD portfolio. See below to download your preferred version.

You can also complete EPD using an electronic portfolio in C2K (Fronter or Microsoft OneNote) or using your school's own e-learning system if it has one. Discuss this with your Teacher Tutor first.

If you decide to use an e-portfolio, you should still refer to the EPD portfolio template as a guide to ensure that you complete all of the requirements of the programme.

    EPD Professional Development Activity

    You are required to complete 2 Professional Development Activities (PDAs), one in EPD Year 1 and one in EPD Year 2. The PDAs are designed to focus your attention on the impact of your teaching on pupil learning and achievement by engaging you in a process of planning, teaching, reviewing and reflecting. 

    Your summative report on Induction will have highlighted potential areas for further professional development during EPD. This should be referred to when discussing a possible focus for your PDAs with your Teacher Tutor. 

    You will be observed a minimum of twice during each PDA by your Teacher Tutor, Key Stage Coordinator, Head of Department or Principal, as appropriate. This will help highlight areas of strength and areas for further development in the next stage of your TPL (EPD Year 2 or PRSD). 

    Your PDAs should be included as core evidence of your reflective practice in your EPD portfolio.

      Last updated: 08/11/2023