Small Grants Programme May - September 2022

Rebuilding the Future Together

The Small Grants Programme has been set up to allow young people from Education Authority Youth Service (EA-YS) registered groups to apply for grants for projects in order to Support the Growth Of Young People Post-Pandemic. The programme this year is focused on young people rebuilding their future together.

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What is the Small Grants Programme?

The Small Grants Programme for May – September 2022 will enable young people to apply for funding to support young people in their communities to:

  • promote positive mental health
  • strengthen emotional and physical health and wellbeing
  • support and build coping mechanisms to deal with stress and pressures
  • build and develop social skills and confidence
  • provide opportunities for young people to engage in activities and interests in the outdoors
  • demonstrate care and concern for the environment

Applications should show how they have been able to contribute to one or more of these aims.

All applicant organisations must be registered with the EA Youth Service. To find out how to do this visit EANI Funding - Register with EA

The Programme is open to groups of young people aged 4 through to 25 years. A group applying should be made up of no less than 3 young people, with the application being filled in by those young people in the group.

A group can apply for a grant of between £300 and £2,000 & Funding applications will remain open until 25th May 2022. Any applications received after this date will be held for the Round 2 assessment in the Autumn 2022.

Applications for grants are assessed and moderated by other young people on the Small Grants panel, to strengthen the participation of young people as decision makers within the local and wider community.

A number of projects will be visited by Young People from the Small Grants Funding Panel for the purpose of showcasing achievements and quality assurance. 

The Small Grants Programme is about young people taking part in projects which have been planned by young people for young people. The application process is illustrated below:

Small Grants Programme Model

Small grants programme

Stage Activity
Stage 01  Young people (minimum 3) discuss purpose & project plan
Stage 02 Young people read guidance notes & complete application form
Stage 03 The contact young person will be informed of application outcome
Stage 04 Young people deliver the planned programme
Stage 05 Young people complete evaluation & report

How to Apply

Further information can be found in the Guidance Document and Application Form which are listed below along with videos instructing young people how to apply

There are also examples of how to complete the data and the finance sections of the form.

Help and Support

Individual zoom support sessions can be provided to meet the young people who will be making the application, to help support them with developing their programmes and their applications. Youth leaders may also attend in their support role. A minimum of 3 young people will need to be in attendance.  To request a Zoom support session please email  

Help and support can also be given by emailing your questions or project ideas to, where staff will be happy to answer your queries

Small Grants Panel

We are currently recruiting for young people aged 15 – 20 years to join the small grants panel.

The panel are responsible for the design of the small grants programme, theme and purpose as well as co-designing the criteria for funding. They then assess applications as well as visit and moderate projects. Full training and support are offered and it is a really wonderful opportunity for young people to give to others at the same time as developing own skills and experiences.

If you would like a staff member or current panel member to speak to your group about this please email to request.

If young people would like to join the small grants panel they can provide their details here and we will be touch to discuss further.

Last updated: 19/05/2022