Support for schools with cases of Covid-19

Guidance and help for all schools with cases of Covid-19

Managing Covid-19 in schools

Please find below supplementary information that should be used in conjunction with Section 8 of the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance for School and Educational Settings in Northern Ireland

Support telephone numbers for schools

Education Authority emergency helpline for COVID-19 suspected or confirmed cases 

028 9041 8056 or email

Operating 7 days per week, 8am - 8pm

In the event of a confirmed case of Covid-19 in a statutory setting, the Education Authority Cleaning Service must be contacted on 028 9041 8057.

Education Authority’s Education Restart Helpline

028 3836 8186

Operating Monday – Friday, 9am – 5 pm.

Options on this helpline are:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Catering
  3. Home to school transport
  4. Health and Safety related  (inc. Risk Assessments, use of PPE, Confirmed Covid case within school)
  5. Ordering PPE and cleaning materials
  6. Cleaning advice for premises

More information for schools on managing Covid-19 cases is available on C2K Covid-19 page


Last updated: 18/12/2020