Consultation on the Standardisation of Parental Payments

The policy details the current processes with regard to payments made to parents under the Home to School Transport Scheme and outlines a single standardised approach for taking this forward for the Education Authority.

This consultation is
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How payments are processed is currently inconsistent across the legacy offices of the Authority and there is a requirement to standardise this and develop a single approach.

The current processes currently costs in excess of £1.7m and does not represent a fair and equitable system for rural residents and students. If the current system where to continually operate, as well as being financially unsustainable, it potentially leaves the Authority open to challenge on the grounds of a failure to recognise the needs and circumstances of rural residents. There is a clear procedural, business and service need to harmonise this Scheme.

It is proposed that the Education Authority addresses the matter in the current 2018/19 school year and is conducting a consultation with pupils, parents and relevant stakeholders.

The dates for stakeholder engagement are:

  • Armagh- 6 Nov 3.30pm (venue to be confirmed)
  • Ballymena- 8 Nov 3.30pm (venue to be confirmed)

Please email to confirm your attendance at one of these meetings by the 26 October or for any queries/comments regarding the consultation and policy.

Consultation documents

Please click on the link below to view the consultation documents. 

Last updated 03/12/2018