Pre-school Admissions Guide

Although pre-school isn't compulsory it has benefits. Our guide will help you understand more about the process and what to expect when applying for a place in pre-school for your child.

The Pre-School Admissions procedure which is in two stages closed on 9 June 2021

  • Read our FAQ’s on ‘What you need to do now.  Information is available on what action, if any that you need to take depending on the position of your application at present.  Information is also available if you have not applied previously for a funded Pre-School place. 
  • View below the ‘List of Funded Pre-School places available’ (published 10 June 2021).
  • Read the published admissions criteria of the pre-schools you are listing as preferences using our Search Schools facility. 
  • Download an application or you can request a paper form to be sent by email or post contact Pre-school Admissions or contact Admissions Helpdesk (028) 9598 5595.  If you require an Irish language form please contact the Admissions Helpdesk.
  • Complete the form and send directly to the Pre-School provider along with your child’s birth certificate and any required supporting documents (Read the published admissions criteria to find out if documents are required),

Admissions Appeals

Admissions Appeals for 2021 are now closed.

Download the Full Pre-School Admissions Guide

Last updated: 27/08/2021