Procurement Case Studies

Case studies demonstrating our commitment to delivering the Procurement Policy Notes.

The Education Authority's Commercial Procurement Services is the Centre of Procurement Expertise for Education.  

Our contract portfolio, the value of which is c£3bn, supports the delivery of the Education Authority’s Services to support our children and young people. Our portfolio includes, Transport and Fleet, Catering, Major and Minor Construction, Educational Resources & Furniture and Equipment, Facilities management, ICT and Business Services.

We adhere to the requirements of Northern Ireland Public Procurement Policy and the Public Procurement Notes (PPNs):

  • PPN 01/21 Scoring Social Value
  • PPN 02/21 Procurement of Social and Other Specific Services
  • PPN 03/21 Supply Chain Resilience
  • PPN 04/21 Procurement Control Limits
  • PPN 05/21 Human Rights in Public Procurement

The case studies below demonstrate our commitment to delivering the PPNs including social value, human rights, and supply chain resilience through our procurement activity.

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Last updated: 16/04/2024