School Leader as Coach

A programme designed to equip school leaders with the skills and confidence to utilise coaching as a leadership tool.


The School Leader as Coach programme is designed to equip school leaders with the skills and confidence to utilise coaching as a leadership tool that helps develop and improve the performance of staff, the quality of learning and teaching and ultimately raise the standards achieved by all pupils.  It is an interactive, experiential professional learning programme that is geared to develop and sharpen participants’ skills and confidence within a supportive, adult learning environment. The programme will blend input, discussion, practice and reflection.

The programme content is bespoke to education and school leadership. The key learning is explored through the lens of a school leader and makes specific reference to how coaching can be developed, expanded and embedded in a school setting.  School Leader as Coach encourages school leaders and teachers to adopt a less directive approach to professional development thus building a more self-reflective, self-sustaining workforce.

Key Objectives

Over the course of 3 workshops, participation in action-learning sets and engagement in self-directed learning, school leaders will:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of coaching practice and how it can be utilised for leading, empowering and building the capacity of staff; 
  • Develop knowledge and awareness of different personality types and behaviours and how to manage these in the workplace; 
  • Develop coaching practice to support school improvement; and
  • Take responsibility for their own professional learning, develop their reflective practice and relate this to improvement in pupil outcomes.


To provide experiential learning that will replicate the development of a coaching culture in school, the programme will be a hybrid model allowing for virtual collaboration and face-to-face engagement. Due to the experiential, interactive and practical nature of the programme, places will be limited to 18 participants per cohort.


Feedback from school leaders who have engaged with the programme include:

  • I am more conscious of being present and actively listening to my colleagues in professional conversations. 
  • I am endeavouring not to fix but to guide. I am holding back and allowing the silence to do the heavy lifting. I am supporting colleagues to find solutions to their problems by challenging their thinking through effective questioning.
  • Staff are thinking more. They feel empowered and growing in confidence. They are finding solutions and are holding themselves to account. 
  • I have become more reflective in my leadership style and by giving staff the time to explore options with me has built the capacity of others in a way that I haven’t been able to do in the past.

Further Information

Please contact the Professional Learning and Development – School Leadership team for further information [email protected].

Last updated: 30/10/2023