Health & Safety

The health and safety section provides advice and guidance to Education Authority (EA) employees, Governors, and Principals on the execution of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978.

It also monitors health and safety standards by conducting audits and inspections, and accident investigation. 

The section provides an advisory service on:

  • health and safety policies, safe working practices and procedures;
  • personal safety;
  • security measures and procedures;
  • risk management;
  • health and safety training; and 
  • emergency planning.

Relevant guidance and resources can be found in the other pages section on this page.

Generic risk assessments using both main approaches to risk assessment i.e. qualitative (a systematic examination of what could cause harm and whether existing precautions or control measures are adequate), and quantitative which ascribes a numerical value to likelihood and severity that, when multiplied, provides a score, indicating the level of risk. Either of the two approaches will allow you to prioritise the risks and give emphasis to those which require immediate attention.

Contact details

Office  Contact  Number
 Belfast  Office  028 9056 4302
 Ballymena  Office  028 2566 1430
 Dundonald  Office  028 9056 4302
 Armagh  H&S Section  028 3751 2429
 Omagh  H&S Section  028 8241 1366
Last updated: 02/02/2022