Data Protection Training & Awareness for Schools

Training Videos and Awareness Posters for Schools.

Data Protection Training for Schools

The Education Authority’s Information Governance team has developed two training videos in relation to the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and Data Security for all teaching and non-teaching staff (including any volunteers) working in schools, and for school governors.

In order to ensure compliance with UK GDPR, all teaching and non-teaching staff (including any volunteers) working in your schools, and the school’s Board of Governors should complete these training modules as soon as possible (and then repeat every two years). These training modules should also be completed by any new member of teaching or non-teaching staff (including any volunteers) working in your schools as part of their induction.

A register of those who have completed the training (and the date such training was completed) should be maintained by the school (and updated as and when training has been completed / renewed).

Module 1 - The GDPR in Schools (Duration - 35 minutes)

This training module is designed to provide staff within schools with an understanding of how the GDPR impacts how information is processed within a school setting. Key topics covered within the training include awareness, rights of the data subject, lawful bases for processing personal information as well as exploring GDPR terminology.

Module 2 - Data Security & Personal Data Breaches (Duration - 35 minutes)

This training module provides an overview of what constitutes a personal data breach, the impact a breach has on both the data subject and the organisation and what action should be taken in the event of such a breach. This module also focuses on measures that can be taken to improve information security and avoid data breaches occurring.

Alternative viewing options (NI Schools Only)

If you are experiencing problems viewing this webinar, a C2K MySchool version is available here

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ICO Promotional Materials

The ICO has published a helpful pack of materials including posters and leaflets which can be printed and used in school to remind staff of the need to carefully handle personal information.

Data Protection Guidance for School Governors

Guidance which has been developed to help governors understand the principles of data protection and support them in their role.

NCSC Cyber Security Training for School Staff

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has produced free cyber security training to raise awareness and help school staff manage some of the key cyber threats facing schools.

The training is available in two formats:

  1. A scripted presentation pack, suitable for group delivery to help teach school staff at physical or virtual group sessions like INSET days or staff meetings; OR
  2. A self-learn video for staff to complete by themselves.  The self-learn video includes the same content as the presentation pack but can be undertaken by a member of staff by themselves at a time convenient to them.  Once you have completed the training you can download a certificate to print to demonstrate that the training has been completed.

Training content for both formats can be found on the National Cyber Security Centre website.

Last updated: 27/10/2023