Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD)

The PRSD Scheme sets out the procedures associated with the annual review cycle which every principal and teacher in grant-aided schools in Northern Ireland is required to participate in. It recognises the significant skills, abilities and experience of teachers and fosters their continuing professional development.

The board of governors has a legal responsibility to ensure the professional development and performance of teachers employed within their schools is reviewed annually in accordance with this scheme and within the context of the school development plan.

The board of governors has a strategic role and is responsible for adopting a PRSD policy for the school and for monitoring its implementation. It is also responsible for nominating the governor reviewers of the principal. External advisers, appointed by EA, will provide high quality, objective and focused advice to the reviewers of the principal on the setting of objectives and will support governor reviewers in evaluating the extent to which objectives have been met.

Please see attached PRSD Principles and Procedures Guidance for Governors and Principals and the TNC guidance on PRSD for further information.

Last updated: 17/01/2023