Strategic Area Plans 2022-27

Information on Strategic Area Plans (2022-27)

On 29 June 2022 the Education Authority, in partnership with the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools, the Catholic Schools’ Trustee Service, Comhairle na Gaelscolaíochta, Controlled Schools’ Support Council, Governing Bodies Association, Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education and Transferor Representatives’ Council published:

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The Special Education Strategic Plan 2022-27: Planning for Special Education Provision is the first regional plan to focus on creating sustainable special education provision that ensures all pupils in special schools and specialist provision in mainstream schools have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.  The Strategic Area Plan 2022-27: Planning for Sustainable Provision will build upon the valuable work undertaken in the first strategic plan (2017–2020 extended to 2022) to develop a network of sustainable schools.

In delivering the strategic area plans, an Operational Plan, to be published in August 2022 in advance of the new academic year, will translate the vision of the strategies into practical area planning actions through short and medium term work streams. 

SEN Frameworks

The SEN Frameworks are high-level, strategic, regional documents and are part of the Education Authority’s wider Area Planning strategy. The Frameworks are the overarching documents which will inform a five year Special Education Strategic Area Plan (SESAP) 2022-27 for both specialist provision in mainstream schools and special schools.

Last updated: 29/06/2022