Advice and guidance to EA Corporate and Schools to promote optimisation of water use.

This section includes Water Guidance for Schools and across the EA Estate to promote optimisation of water use.

By reducing water consumption, we can reduce the strain on the water supply, save money on water bills, and reduce energy consumption related to pumping and treating water.

What to do if you have a High Water Consumption/Water leak

Where there is information indicating higher than normal water consumption at your site, this should be investigated urgently to prevent any unnecessary water charges impacting your budget.

Please see below guidance to help you investigate/resolve the issue.

Contact the EA Maintenance Service

If you have not already alerted the EA Maintenance Service to this issue, please log a call as soon as possible with the EA Maintenance Helpdesk on 028 9598 6111.

The EA Maintenance Service will establish if there is a leak, advise on any necessary repairs and assist with any further follow-up queries.

If a leak has been established, you may be eligible to submit a Leakage Allowance Application to NI Water and further information can be found at Leakage responsibilities, allowances and costs

Please see below guidance to help you with your application.

Leakage Allowance Application

Application guidance

  1. Do not return your application until all repair work has been carried out.
  2. All leaks must be repaired within 4 weeks of the date you first discovered the leak or were made aware of a potential leak.
  3. Your Leakage Allowance Application must be made within 6 weeks of the date of repair of the leak.
  4. Where requested, you must provide a plan diagram showing the layout of the supply, including the pipe work, direction of flow, the meter location and everything supplied.

Information required before completing the application

  1. Two water meter readings taken after repairs and at least one week apart. Information on how to read your meter can be found at the following link Read Your Meter - Northern Ireland Water
  2. NI Water Customer and Property Reference Number.


  1. Complete the application LeakageAllowanceApplication.pdf 
  2. Email your application to [email protected]

If you have any queries relating to the outcome of the application, please contact NI Water via email at [email protected] or by telephone 0345 8770030.

Last updated: 20/12/2023