Coaching Service for School Principals

An opportunity for principals to engage in 1:1 coaching.


School leaders give so much of themselves to support teachers and to make a positive impact on children and young people, and yet they experience some of the highest levels of stress in the system. At a time when the challenges in the education system are becoming acute, research demonstrates that specialist coaching can make a real difference in the professional and personal lives of school leaders.

Key Objectives

To support school principals to continue to lead effectively in an increasingly demanding climate and to raise awareness of the value of coaching.


Each participating principal is provided with seven hours of one- to-one coaching over a twelve to eighteen-month period, focusing on building and sustaining their resilience and leadership capacity.


Feedback from the principals provided evidence of the positive impact of the Service -  

  • Coaching has changed my life - it has made me a better leader and a happier person. I want to thank EA for the opportunity and pay tribute to my coach who is outstanding at what she does. She has changed my life. Thank you.
  • The coaching programme has made me more aware of the impact of my own motivations and drivers on my practice as leader.  It has also helped me better understand how the pressures I feel as Principal impact on how I deal with staff and school life.
  • Coaching has enabled me to understand that there are things which are out of my control and must be viewed differently, to allow for more positive outcomes.
  • The EA Coaching Programme has been extremely helpful. The work that I did with my coach was relevant, revealing and has most definitely contributed to my personal and professional development.
  • The coaching service has sent me back to reflecting more on situations and how I handle things. It has afforded me a chance to do some bigger picture thinking again.

Further Information

Please contact the Professional Learning and Development – School Leadership team for further information [email protected].

Last updated: 30/10/2023