Online Accident Reporting System

A platform for Schools and EA Services to report accidents, near misses, unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.

Reporting an Accident

Reporting an accident is a legal requirement. Accidents should be reported promptly by the person(s) whose responsibility it is to report accidents to the EA, e.g. School Principal, Line Manager or Premises Manager. You should only state the facts and all relevant information about the accident, including events leading up to the accident, do not make assumptions or offer opinions. Accidents must not be logged by the injured party.

The new Online Accident Reporting System will replace the existing paper-based format and will become fully operational from the 1 November 2022. 

  1. Before logging an accident report you must register as a user using your email address and complete all required fields on the registration page.
  2. Login to complete and submit an accident report form.

Information videos

The below videos, will provide more information on the use of the new Online Accident Reporting System.

Contact Details

Additional support on the use of the system is available by contacting the EA Health and Safety Team.

Telephone: 028 3751 2504
Email: [email protected]


Last updated: 09/11/2022