Development proposals

A Development Proposal (DP) is required under Article 14 of the Education and Libraries (NI) Order 1986 before any significant change can be made to a school.

A DP is required for new schools wishing to be recognised for grant-aid, school closures, amalgamations of schools, significant changes to the character or size of a school and changes which would have a significant impact on another grant-aided school.

DP No. Publication Date School Name Reason
570 Strangford Integrated College Introduction of selection by academic ability or aptitude
568 Spires IPS (Magherafelt) Establish nursery unit
561 Holy Trinity Primary School (Enniskillen) Decrease admissions and enrolment numbers
569 Irish Medium Primary School in Armagh City Establishment of Irish Medium Primary School
558 Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche (Castlewellan) Increase admissions and enrolment numbers
557 Culnady PS (Maghera) Discontinue
562 Bellarena PS (Limavady) Discontinue
560 Birches PS Increase admissions and enrolment numbers - phased
563 Bridge Integrated Primary School (Banbridge) Establish nursery unit
554 Priory Integrated College Increase enrolment number
Last upated: 21/10/2018