Intercultural Resources

Useful Intercultural Education Service resources. 

IES School Resources

IES School Resources

IES school resources have been transferred onto a new SharePobar codeint site available to support staff working in schools. You will need your C2K school email address to request access. 

Please complete the online form or scan the QR Code to request access.

IES Newcomer Good Practice Guidance for Schools

School Placement Process for Children seeking Asylum/Refuge

Kitabna Resource

Bilingual Storybooks

The EA commissioned Kitabna to create ‘When the Lights Go Out’ in 2019 to help support the integration of Arabic-speaking refugees and asylum seekers into schools across Northern Ireland.

In 2021, EA STARS team worked with Kitabna again to create three new bilingual therapeutic stories designed for newcomer pupils who may be experiencing grief, separation and difficulties when trying new things. A therapeutic story uses metaphor to create a safe space in which distressing emotions can be explored and shared. The three new books are:

1. A First New Friend

2. The Mountains in our Hearts

3. Where Do You Come From?

All four of these stories can be accessed and downloaded from the Kitabna Online Library, along with other anthologies of stories Kitabna has made freely available in e-book format.

Reading Guides

Download the most appropriate version of the guides (Key Stage 1 /2 / 3) for your class and use the related curriculum resource pack to extend the children’s learning.

Last updated: 15/04/2024