EWS - School Aged Mothers & Children Looked After

Find out more about what support is available for School Aged Mothers (SAM) and Children Looked After (CLA).

School Age Mothers (SAM)

EA’s School Age Mothers Programme (SAM) provides schools, families and other interested parties with guidance and support to ensure young women who wish to continue their education at school, whilst pregnant or having had a baby can do so.

  • Guidance for Childcare Providers, which provides guidance and support to ensure accountability, and also that Regional procedures are adhered to.
  • Guidance for Young Women, which provides organisational guidance and support for School age Mothers and their families, regarding help available.
  • Guidance for Schools, which provides organisation guidance and support on good practice, from learned experience.
  • School Aged Mothers Referral Form

Contact Details for School Age Mothers (SAM) Coordinators


EA Office


Email and Telephone Number

Lisa Grimley


Education Welfare Office,

25 Railway Street, Armagh,

BT61 7HP

028 3752 3158

0774 8962 439

[email protected]

Elaine Connell


Derry District Office,

35 Foyle Street , Derry

BT48 6AL

028 7127 2344


[email protected]

Deboragh Gormley


Education Welfare Office,

40 Academy Street,

Belfast, BT1 2NQ

028 9023 6817

0780 5667 007

[email protected]

Children Looked After Support

‘Children Looked After’ are those in the care of a Health & Social Care Trust or who are provided with accommodation by a Health & Social Care Trust. They may be living in residential homes or schools, with foster carers, or with a family relative or friend.

Education Welfare Service referrals for Children Looked After are allocated to EWO’s who liaise with the relevant Health & Social Care Trust staff, school staff, parents and/or foster parents and other agencies to ensure the needs of the child are addressed and that the child has access to appropriate education provision and support.

The EA Children Looked After Advisory Service offers advice to primary schools across Northern Ireland. The focus of this service is to improve the socioemotional wellbeing of Children Looked After and to improve levels of attainment for Children Looked After in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Last updated: 08/09/2023