Induction Resources

Exemplar Actions Plans

The action plans are important evidence of how you go about your planning, teaching and reflecting against set success criteria.  They should last between 4-8 weeks depending on how often you teach the target class.  Each action plan will focus on an ‘Area for Development’ arising from your Career Entry Profile and/or a priority in your school, department or key stage development plan(s).  Your action plans should be agreed with and reviewed by your Teacher Tutor or recognised supporting teacher who will also observe you teach a minimum of twice during each action plan.


You are required to keep a portfolio of evidence of your ongoing professional development and reflective practice during Induction.  This will include 2 action plans, mapped against appropriate GTCNI teacher competences, with supporting evidence which relate directly to your teaching.  

A portfolio template is provided for your use below. This contains everything you need to complete the Induction stage of your Career Long Professional Development. 

It is your responsibility to maintain your portfolio. It should be referred to in discussion with your Teacher Tutor and Principal who will wish to view it at key stages in the Induction process such as the Interim and Summative Report Stages.

Last updated: 08/11/2023