Teacher Tutor Resources

This section contains a range of key publications and useful resources.

Teacher Tutor Resource Book

The Teacher Tutor Resource book contains all you need to manage and coordinate your school’s Induction and EPD support programme.  It provides guidance on the modelling, mentoring and coaching process, including classroom observation, and contains all the report forms you need for Induction and EPD.

This section of the resource book gives an insight into the role of Teacher Tutor, an overview of the Induction and EPD stages, including the portfolios, and guidance on the classroom observation process.

This adaptable timeline is offered as a possible structure to help record meetings and discussions between Teacher Tutor and Induction or EPD teacher.

This appendix provides guidance on the Induction and EPD online registration process with the Education Authority.

This Appendix includes a checklist for the EPD Portfolio, the Professional Development Activity form, the EPD quality assurance forms and reports and the Letter of Successful Completion of EPD.

Last updated: 08/11/2023