Apply to be a School Governor - Guidance Notes & Application Form

Useful information and guidance on how to become a School Governor.

General Information

Applicants should:

  • Complete the online application form or request the form in an alternative format if required, by either contacting [email protected] or the reconstitution helpline on 028 9041 8069.
  • Complete only ONE application form. Applicants may express a number of preferences regarding where they wish to serve as an EA governor; for example, they may wish to specify the type of school on which they would like to be placed, the distance they are willing to travel, and any particular school(s) where they are interested in serving.
  • Applicants should read the Becoming a School Governor booklet available and the relevant FAQs for information about eligibility to apply, before completing this form.
  • Questions with * indicate essential information to be provided by applicants. The system will not permit the application to proceed if these details are incomplete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before completing an application form to become an EA Governor, applicants should read through the following points, and may wish to visit the FAQs section on the EA Website.

Application Form Guidance

Section 1 - Personal Details

Choosing Address Search will enable the automatic population of the remainder of the applicant’s address.

If applicable, applicants should record the most recent school governor positions held (to a maximum of 3).

Section 2 - Eligibility

Age Criteria – Applicants under 18 years of age are not eligible to become a school governor. Applicants will be advised not to proceed with the application if they state that they are under 18.

Criminal Record Criteria – Applicants who have been convicted within the last 5 years of an offence with a prison sentence of 3 months or more, whether suspended or not without the option of a fine, are not eligible to become a School Governor. Applicant will be advised not to proceed with the application if they state that they have been convicted as described above.

Bankruptcy Restrictions Criteria – Applicants will be asked to state if they have been adjudged bankrupt, have a composition agreement with creditors or are subject to a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order. For further information on Bankruptcy please see the relevant section within the FAQs on the EA website.

Company Director Disqualification Criteria – Any applicant who has been disqualified from being a company director or charity trustee, cannot be considered for placement in a voluntary grammar school. EA appoints governors to a small number of voluntary grammar schools. For further information on Company Director Disqualification please see the relevant section within the FAQs on the EA website.

Applicants may contact a member of the School Governance Team for advice at [email protected]

Section 3 - Eligibility Criteria

School Employees – Applicants must state if they are currently employed in a school. For further information on current or recent school employees please see the relevant section within the FAQs on the EA website.

Section 4 - School Preferences

Applicants may indicate on their application form, up to four schools, for which they are interested in being considered as an EA governor. Selecting any preferred school(s) on the application form does not guarantee that the applicant will be appointed to that particular school(s).

For further information on Preferences and Conflicts of Interest please see the relevant section within the FAQs section on the EA Website.

Section 5 - Additional Preferences

Applicants are encouraged to use this section to express any wider preference(s) in terms of the Management Type (SECTOR) or the Category (PHASE) of school at which they may wish to be placed.

The Management Types are:

  • Controlled Schools
  • Controlled Integrated Schools
  • Catholic Maintained Schools
  • Irish Medium Schools
  • Other Maintained Schools
  • Voluntary Schools

The Category Types are:

  • Nursery
  • Primary
  • Post Primary
  • Grammar
  • Special

For further information on school types see NI Direct's website.

Applicants should also indicate the distance they are willing to travel from their home address.

Section 6 - Knowledge, Skills and Experience

The information provided in this section will be used by EA when taking account of any specific needs of the school(s). No specific skills or experience are required to become a governor, though applicants should provide as much information as possible in this section to assist with the selection process.

Section 7 - Declaration

Before signing the declaration, you should read the information provided carefully, including any relevant FAQs, and confirm that you are not disqualified from serving as a school governor. You can contact a member of the School Governance Team for advice on your specific circumstances as required. [email protected]

Last updated: 09/11/2023