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EdIS Events - Walk the Walls

Stakeholder engagement is at the heart of the Education Information Solutions (EdIS) Programme and a key component has been the successful series of ‘Walk the Walls’ events.

Walk the Walls was designed to bring school leaders, decision-makers and key influencers together to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas and collectively contribute to future educational systems being delivered by EdIS.

Over recent months, some 15 of these events have attracted more than 500 attendees, with the last session taking place in late November 2023.

The Walk the Walls series was instrumental in facilitating two-way interaction with a wide and representative range of stakeholders, encouraging collaboration and building momentum. 

Each event provided an opportunity for attendees to walk through the plans of the EdIS projects, taking them from where we are now to what the future will look like, in an interactive format. 

At these sessions, an outline of EdIS was provided, supplemented by informative presentations by individual workstream leads, aimed at enhancing knowledge of what the Programme entails and outlining the benefits our projects will bring to children and young people and the wider education community.

Equally importantly, as the input of stakeholders is critical to the successful design and implementation of all aspects of the EdIS Programme, Walk the Walls events enabled the team to receive valuable feedback, hear views on proposed EdIS projects and engage in productive discussion around the way forward.

As the Walk the Walls series concluded, EdIS Programme Director, Frances Meehan, pledged to continue working closely with schools and other education stakeholders. On behalf of the Education Authority, Interim Director of Finance, Simon Christie, affirmed EA’s commitment to the EdIS Programme and emphasised the importance of a collaborative approach.

To read more about Walk the Walls see our news article: Education Authority commits to continuing collaborative approach in delivering EdIS Programme.

Keep informed and in touch

EdIS will continue to engage with school leaders and stakeholders in 2024 and more details will be released soon.

If you would like to join our focus group to provide your expertise and support the development of the EdIS Programme, please contact us by emailing: edisinfo@eani.org.uk.

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Last updated: 01/12/2023